American Axess is a leader in the integration of Data, Voice and Cloud Connectivity solutions in the Americas and the Caribbean. Incorporated in Florida, we are a privately held company focusing our business model on the strong relationships and large provider/partnership base we have built and continue to strengthen in both regions. We offer the appropriate and perfect product portfolio to multinational corporations on a world-class carrier experience, encompassing Professional and Consultant Services, Private Lines, Internet, Broadband, Cloud connectivity as well as Direct Routes.

Through our strategy of One Provider, 100+ Options, we extend the coverage of our portfolio to every corner in the Americas and the Caribbean.


Data Axess

* Leading Provider of End-to-End Network and IT Solutions

* Clear Channel and Ethernet Services (EPL, EVPL, VPLS & MPLS)

* Direct Internet Access (DIA) & Broadband

* Cloud Services

* Carrier Class Experience



Cloud Axess

* Choose the Cloud that better fits your needs

* American Axess takes you there with a single connection

* Flexibility, scalability and cost-efficient

* Private, direct and secure connection



Voice Axess

* Excellent quality and reliability

* Direct routes to Latin America and the Caribbean

* PTT direct routes, CLI, DTMF, T38 Fax

Outstanding technical support

* FCC 214 Licence Op.



At American Axess, we have built our reputation as a leading provider of end-to-end network & IT solutions for multinational corporations, focusing in the Americas and Caribbean. Through our global teams of network professionals as well as our strong partnership with local providers, we are committed to providing clients with infrastructure solutions that have been proven to work in real world environments, with a responsive and dedicated service team who provides hands-on support and exemplary customer service.


Take your Business to the Cloud with American Axess!

Our Cloud Solutions fit your Company, regardless the type of your business.

  • Choose the Cloud that better fits your needs
  • Reduce your costs and protect your information
  • Gain mobility and access your data easily
  • Flexibility, scalability and cost-efficiency
  • Private, direct and secure connection
  • American Axess takes you there with one single connection

We route millions of minutes of international voice traffic between our clients through our direct PTT connections maintaining stable and high quality routes.

Our goal is to create strong and enduring relationships with our global telecommunications partners and customers.

  • Direct Routes
  • Excellent quality
  • Reliability
  • Stability
  • Outstanding support
  • Service Coverage in the US, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.


  • 50+ partners in the region including but not limited to incumbents, LECs, CLECs and ISPs.
  • Flexibility, reliability and quick response.
  • Team of certified network engineers.
  • On site support and spares availability.
  • 7x24x365 Network Operation Center.
  • Relationship with the most relevant carriers throughout the region.
  • Complementary offer for diversity and backup purposes.
  • Loyalty and neutrality to manage your opportunities.
  • Consolidated billing.
  • Feasibility to reach still challenging markets.
  • Last, but not least, your single point of contact to manage different providers and expand your coverage and portfolio.
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